Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to the Internet

I've decided that a blog could be a handy tool for many reasons. Ideally, this will serve as a place for me to post snippets of useful information that I (or anyone else) may reference.

For my first order of business, lets set the mood for this blog with a piece of software I just finished. Last night (err.. 3am this morning) I finished an implementation of the Skein 512-512 hash algorithm (version 1.3). I'm a fan of Skein and hope it wins the SHA-3 competition next year. One of the nice things about Skein is how quickly it's been adopted by many platforms and implemented in many languages. To that end, I present Skein 512-512 implemented in Bash. I know, and I'm sorry, but someone had to do it. It is extremely slow, and left a very bad taste in my brain. Isn't that punishment enough?


  1. Skein is optimized for 64-bit CPUs. If Skein wins, how will machines with 32-bit CPUs (such as those of legacy PCs and ARM handhelds) keep up?

  2. 1. The fact that it is optimized for 64 bits doesn't mean it won't work with 32 bits.
    2. I feel people is so concerned with keeping legacy systems that we are holding the future back, without a clear break we won't have a future to innovate on.